Manif d'art 6 - The Quebec city biennale

May 3 to June 3, 2012

Curator and theme

Nicole Gingras

Machines are complex inventions intended to simplify our lives. Their movements, coordinated down to the nearest millimetre, are calibrated to reach a speed of productivity far exceeding human capacity. Understanding machines means, above all, making their designs accessible, designs which, as in a work of art, involve sets of coherent shapes revealing their purpose.


  • 80 artists from 10 different countries
  • 31 indoor and outdoor exhibition locations in Quebec City
  • 60,000 art lovers

Artists of the official selection

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Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Hypoxia, 2011-2012. Installation

Joseph Herscher

The Page Turner, 2012. Vidéo

Mounir Fatmi

Mehr Licht, 2009-2011. Installation


Hearing Voices II, 1994. Sculpture sonore

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