Manif d'art 4 - The Quebec city biennale

May 1st to June 15th 2008

Curator and theme

Lisanne Nadeau

Meeting, first and foremost, means communicating. Communication, once a strictly human activity, has been adapted in tandem with the many recent technological advances, and in the process has reinvented the very nature of our relationship with the Other. New communication tools and methods, which involve distance and sometimes even fiction, call into question our definition of “meeting” and the legitimacy of our interpersonal relationships. From romantic couples to fortuitous encounters, from actual meetings to fabricated ones, human communication has become a rich topic for exploration by visual artists.


  • 43 public and private organizations
  • 182 artists from 14 different countries
  • 7,000 art lovers

Artists of the official selection

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Anne-Marie Ouellet

Zone d'isolement, 2007. Installation.

Diane Landry

Les eaux volées, 2007. Praxinoscope.


Le siècle des lumières, 2008. Photography.

Thierry Arcand-Bossé

Wireless/Marchander le vide, 2008. Painting.

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