Manif d'art 1 - The Quebec city biennale

September 1st to october 15th 2000

Curator and theme

Andrée Daigle

Ornamentation is inextricably linked with notions of beauty and symbolism. The esthetic element it adds, superfluous but nonetheless essential, transforms a bland backdrop into a unique setting, brimming with life and meaning. Such settings, both private and public, colour our everyday lives as expressions of the modern desire to assert and display our individual and collective identities. In the hands of artists, ornamentation becomes an illustration – sometimes poetic, sometimes critical – of our conduct and our values.


  • First edition of Manif d'art - The Quebec city biennalc
  • 36 artists from Quebec, Canada and Europe


Artists of the official selection

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Manif d'art 1 en images

Frédéric Ollereau

La maison de laine. Photography and videos

Jeannie Thib

Fret. Impression sérigraphiée

Jorge Orta

Life Nexus, installation on the walls of batiment Robert-Giffard

Spring Hurlbut

Autosacrificio. Installation