Manif d'art 5 - The Quebec city biennale

1st may to 13 june 2010

Curator and theme

Sylvie Fortin


Catastrophe is the ever-present backdrop to our daily lives. Through endless, hyper-visible media loops, drama is transformed into banality, a generalized state that now defines our contemporary ways of being – and yet its effects remain no less shocking or sensational. Its mysterious and dangerous beauty is immortalized in art, which reveals its role as a point of reference, much like a measure in the music of our days.


  • 89 artists from 16 different countries
  • 25 indoor and outdoor exhibition locations in Quebec City
  • Nearly 140,000 art lovers

Artists of the official selection

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Mourir enfin, 2010. Installation.

Ivan Navarro

Victor, 2008. Installation and video.

Milutin Gubash

Hotel tito, 2009-2010. Video installation.


The financial crisis, 2009. Installation filmique.

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