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Catalogue Toi/You, la rencontre

Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec presents the catalogue Toi/You, la rencontre, which lays out the activities comprising the Manif d’art 4 curated by Lysanne Nadeau, held May 1 to June 15, 2008. A veritable anthology of the fourth edition of Québec City’s contemporary art biennial, Toi/You, la rencontre relates the vitality of the event through words and images. The bilingual volume also contains the acts of the colloquium coordinated by Nicole Gingras and conferences of the Manif d’art 4, and provides details regarding collaborators’ programming and all the satellite activities. 


esse, numéro 74 / Living Things

esse magazine focuses on contemporary art and multidisciplinary practices. It offers in-depth analyses of current art works and artistic and social issues by publishing essays that deal with art and its inter-connections within various contexts

A few words on the issue launched: 75 | Living Things 

What strategies do contemporary artists adopt to bring previously used objects back to life: recycling, collecting, transforming, displacing, staging? To better understand the implications of our relationships with things, this issue pays close attention to contemporary artistic practices that challenge common notions of what constitutes a “thing” and invites use to rethink the nature, status and various functions of “things.” Also investigated are the social, ethical and political implications that this new “thinghood” has on our world of production and overconsumption.


Giorgia Volpe, Mues et Entrelacs Launch of the book published by the Centre SAGAMIE d’Alma Authors: Anne-Marie Bouchard et Annie Hudon Laroche

This monograph, published by the Centre SAGAMIE d’Alma, proposes a retrospective and prospective look at artist Giorgia Volpe’s production in the last 10 years. Analysis of works chosen by authors Anne-Marie Bouchard and Annie Hudon-Laroche sheds light on the artist’s past and present references, exposing motivations, reflections and intentions behind her expérimentation in graphic, photographic and plastic media. The volume underscores the importance of matter in Volpe’s work, addressed through graphic expression, and it looks at her conceptual and experimental use of photography.


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Giorgia Volpe has lived and worked in à Québec City since 1998. A multidisciplinary artist and teacher of visual arts, she holds an undergraduate

degree in visual arts and teaching from Universidade de São Paulo (1993) and a graduate degree in visual arts from Université Laval, (2001). She has shown her work in individual and group exhibitions in Brazil, Canada, the USA and Mexico.