Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Elsa Stansfield (Glasgow, Scotland, 1945; died in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2004) and Madelon Hooykaas (Maartensdijk, The Netherlands, 1942) have been collaborating since 1972. They belong to the first generation of video artists and are considered European pioneers in this media. Their works have been exhibited in various museums, galleries and public spaces for more than thirty years. In 2010, a substantial retrospective was shown both in The Netherlands and in Scotland; for the occasion, Revealing the Invisible, The Art of Stansfield/Hooykaas from Different Perspectives, a book with a DVD were published (De Buitenkant Publishers, Amsterdam). Although in 2004 Elsa Stansfield died unexpectedly, Madelon Hooykaas continues to create new works in their spirit. Since 2011 she is working on her own name: Madelon Hooykaas.


Hearing Voices II (1994)
Sculpture sonore / audio sculpture