Mounir Fatmi
Tangier, Morocco / Paris, France


Mounir Fatmi works and lives in both Tangier, his birthplace, and Paris. He has shown in several museums, including the Migros Museum (Zurich), Museum Kunst Palast (Dusseldorf), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) and Tate Modern (London). He has participated in several biennials, including those of Venice (2011 and 2007), Lyon (2009), Sharjah (2007), Seville and Dakar (both in 2006) and Gwangju (2004). Since 1993, he has won several awards, notably at the 2006 Dakar Biennial and the 2010 Cairo Biennial. In Paris, he is represented by Galerie Hussenot]


Mounir Fatmi is interested in the image and its mutations. The group of works presented here displays notions dear to the artist: the image, the machine and the image of the machine. Each maintains a privileged and distinct tie to the machine and time: the disappearance of a technology with the development of the industrial era (among others, reference to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times), reflection on obsolete technologies (here, the photocopy machine), the evocation of a body-machine, movement as a time machine, etc. It is clear the artist is as interested in light, movement, sound and image recording and reproduction technologies as he is in vision, perception, duration, memory and the movement of thought.


Mehr Licht (2009-2011)
5 photocopy machines, paper, 28 neon lights



Technologia (2010)
Video, 15 min, b & w, stereo sound


Les Temps modernes – Une Histoire de la Machine (2010)
Video, 15 min, b & w, sound


L’Homme du livre (2010)
Video, 15 min, colour