From May 8 to 27, the biennial’s official program includes 5 days of workshops with Minibloc, Kanta Horio and Joseph Herscher. There are still a few spots remaining in the workshops by Joseph Herscher. Register now!

 (Brooklyn, U.S.)?
Participants are invited to collaborate on a large-scale machine that will take shape and become activated through a succession of chain reactions, mechanical inventions that each person will create in this workshop. Participants are invited to bring a personal object with them, which will be returned at the end of the workshop.

May 26 and 27, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
?Espace 400e Bell – Free admission – For all ages – Registration required – Places limited

Joseph Herscher creates kinetic installations. His videos have been presented throughout the world and have featured in The New Yorker online, New York Times, as well as numerous television and radio shows. His work was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2011. He has conducted workshops in Brooklyn, Boston, Venice and New Zealand, and lectured in New York and elsewhere. The work of Joseph Herscher reminds us of the value of games in an increasingly mechanized world.


This workshop is part of the 3 exhibitions organized by guest curator Eric Mattson, well-known for his projects in sound art, music and media art. Led by Minibloc, with the participation of Kanta Horio.

This creation workshop, which is neither a pedagogical lecture nor a technical course, invites participants to create personalized mechanical objects and sound devices. It is led by a pair of artists known for their unique concerts, in which they use the acoustic potential of small objects (various everyday materials, household utensils) whose primary function has been diverted. A special guest, Japanese artist Kanta Horio, will add his expertise to that of the two Montrealers.

On May 10, beginning at 5 p.m. in the hall at the entrance of Espace 400e Bell, the participants will present their creations to the public. This group exhibition will be followed by a concert by Minibloc.

Workshops offered on May 8, 9 and 10, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
?Open to a maximum of 10 participants for 3 consecutive days.
 Espace 400e – $25 – Registration necessary.
Presence required for the three days of workshops.
?For adults only.

?- to encourage an exchange of ideas and techniques with regard to the construction of small mechanical sonic devices in a dynamic context;
?- to discover and share various principles of acoustic and electronic amplification;
?- to set up a group acoustic improvisation.

Tools and materials provided:
?- selection of tools (scissors, glue gun, pliers, clamps…);
?- selection of materials (wood, cardboard, springs, cords, pulleys…);
? – microphones (contact and electrostatic);
?- amplification system for sound tests.

Minibloc (Montreal, Canada)
Born of a meeting between an enlightened autodidact, Nicolas Dion, and a “serious” student of classical and electroacoustic composition, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Minibloc creates works that pay no heed to labels. With recorded sounds from diverse sources, often barely recognizable, along with everyday or unusual objects, colourful and noisy elements sampled and often completely distorted, the duo concocts deliciously perverse and incongruous pieces. In turn unbridled electroacoustic collages, minimalist vignettes and acoustic improvisations, their playful compositions—like their performances—are as intriguing as they are unexpected.

Kanta Horio (Tokyo, Japan)
?Kanta Horio is a sound artist and engineer. He studied acoustics and computer-based music at the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka, Japan. His performances and installations, based on physical phenomena such as sound, light, magnetism and physical movement, employ electromagnets, motors, LEDS, and circuits that convert each of these elements. He has performed widely, both internationally and in Japan. Kanta Horio also works as an acoustic engineer, developing various electronic devices and projects, including commercial interactive installations, films, and musical instruments.

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Liaison Agent?
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